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I highly recommend having boudoir photos done at least once in your life ! How blessed we are to have a photographer like Mellissa so close by! I wish I had done it sooner. I don’t think it matters if you give them as a gift or keep them for yourself. Just do it ! If you need a big confidence boost , especially having body image issues as I have , then this is a wonderful way to remind yourself of your uniqueness, specialness and beauty. You’ll say “wow is that really me?”
At first I was nervous, but Mellissa made me feel comfortable pretty quickly. She helped me “get out of my own head “ as I call it.

It was an extra bonus that a in-house glam makeup artist was available, and I was able to use anything I wanted from the items provided in the client closet. Mellissa kept an upbeat and optimistic attitude from start to finish. It was all of fun! I’m so happy I did it ! She coaches you the whole way and keeps the momentum going.  As time went , I became less anxious . Just wait till she shows you a photo or two midway through your session… you’ll see how awesomely sexy you really look.

Mrs. S

I was so nervous about the session as I had never did a boudoir session before. Mellissa Kay, " MK " made me feel so relaxed and at ease and the session was so much fun! 

Thank you for a memorable experience!

You Rock!!!!

Miss S

I’ve thought about doing a boudoir session for a long time. I don’t know what I was waiting for! The confidence boost you experience from having a session and seeing the final product is incredible. MK made me feel beautiful and comfortable the entire process. Thank you MK for helping live my fantasy! 

Mrs. D

Having had friends and others I have known do boudoir shoots I was always envious and jealous of how I would never be comfortable in my own skin to do these types of photos. Over the years as I then had children my body just wasn't something I was okay with, let alone all the years I struggled to be that picture perfect model image. My self esteem has never been great even though others have always boosted me up.  But, I finally got enough courage to do it and to say, " I am blow away with how it made me feel " and how much I realized I was overly hard on myself all these years!  For me these photos were more about gaining back a part of me I lost.  I now have regained with the help of the amazing and talented photographer Mellissa Kay. I can't express enough how doing this can possibly change your outlook and empower you to know your self worth and how you are enough. You will never know until you try the process.  She made me feel comfortable and so at easy.  It's such an amazing feeling go away with, one you will never forget.

Mrs. M

I wanted some fun and sexy photos that showed how loving and affectionate my new relationship is. I feel much better and more confident in my body with my boyfriend and he makes me feel so good about myself. MK did a great job of capturing this in her photos! We had a blast and the photos are all amazing!

Miss. W & Mr. H

I have wanted to do a boudoir session for a long time. I always thought they were so empowering, and I really have never been comfortable with my body. I thought that it would help with my self-esteem.

I most definitely did this for myself! My whole lifestyle has never been super girly and make up or sexy or feeling good about myself. I just wanted a chance to feel good about myself and see myself in a different light!

I was so comfortable during my session! MK made everything so comfy and I was not embarrassed at all to walk out in my lingerie or parade around in my bra and underwear. She was so professional and asked me if I was comfortable enough or if I was warm enough! She’s all about keeping her clients satisfied!! I felt so empowered and the energy was amazing! I brought my sister  we just had such an amazing time!! Of course being photographed was a little weird for me because it is something that I am not used to but MK made it so much easier for me to relax and have a wonderful time!!

I knew that my pictures would be really good! I was not surprised at all about how absolutely fabulous they turned out! I just love them so much and she really captured my natural beauty. The way that she can set her photos up with the perfect natural lighting is just incredible! I could literally stare at my pictures all day, I just couldn’t believe how amazing I looked!!

I would recommend this session to my friends and family 1 million percent! I have already started telling other people how much of a fabulous time that I had and how empowered I felt!! MK did such a wonderful job and I am just so thrilled about everything! She is the absolute best!!

Miss E

I cannot express the self confidence I had after not only seeing my images but after just leaving the studio as well. The energy in the studio was just so uplifting, dancing to good music, laughing and joking. I often forgot I was even wearing lingerie, I just felt so comfortable. Being a new mommy with scars, stretch marks, and a belly that will never be the same, makes it hard to feel beautiful in your own skin. MK made me feel not only beautiful as a mommy but also SEXY again. The love and encouragement felt was like no other!

10/10 stars!!

Mrs. F

I was very nervous about doing a boudoir shot I always though I didn’t have the body to.  But, Mellissa’s and her make up girl Holly made me feel very comfortable and ok that I was different from everyone else!  I would recommend her to anyone that felt they couldn’t do it. I love my photos I like the way they make me feel,  I’m very happy!

10/10 stars

Miss T

Wow is all I can say about these sessions with, MK " Mellissa! 

The atmosphere, the options, and the personalization is everything a woman wants to feel powerful and confident! 

The customized glam from the makeup artist made me feel amazing! 

I fell in love with myself all over again & truly found the meaning of self-love.  

Mrs. S

Mellissa has been my photographer since my son was first born. Almost 7 years. We just love her. I was nervous at first about the boudoir session. It was the first time I ever did anything like that, but when we started I was completely comfortable. I had so much fun, I want to do it again. It was a nice break from everyday life and my kids. She had the best ideas. She’s definitely the best! :)

Mrs. R

I did the Boudoir session as a Valentine's Day gift to my husband and he loved all the pictures!!!!!!

I also did the session to boost my confidence too and it was amazing.  I was made to always feel completely comfortable, even when I may not have been sure I was doing so well. The energy from doing the session was uplifting as well as empowering personally and a boost to my confidence!!  When I received my final images, I was overjoyed with how well they came out. Mellissa Kay always does amazing and wonderful work!! Truly, I can't pick just one and ended up getting additional poses because I had such a hard time narrowing my decision down to just 20 images!!  would absolutely recommend friends for Boudoir by MK. I believe that women would love the empowerment and amazing work that Mellissa Kay does, and you are always made to always feel comfortable during the session!!

Thank you so much, Mellissa Kay!! Love your work and you definitely make the choice of picking your favorite every time! I can't wait to do a Boudoir session again! 

Mrs. W